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Provincial Nomination Programs

What Could Provincial Nomination Mean for You?

Provincial nomination offers a valuable route to Canadian permanent residence. Each of Canada’s provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec and Nunavut, operates its own immigration program, called a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). As the provinces have different populations and economies, their immigration programs are unique and built to fit their economic and demographic needs.

Each PNP has at least one stream for nomination, with many provinces and territories offering multiple streams. These streams are designed by the provinces to help meet their unique immigration goals, so the eligibility criteria and application procedures vary.

Applicants for PNPs are workers who have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory, want to live in that province, and want to become permanent residents of Canada. Each stream will target different qualifications and may look to students, business people, or skilled workers.

How you will apply depends on which Provincial Nominee Program stream you’re applying to. You might need to apply using the paper-based process, or by the online process through Express Entry. As part of the process, you will have to pass a medical exam and get a police check (certificate). Everyone must have these checks, no matter where they plan to live in Canada. With more than 80 provincial immigration streams, discovering the Canadian immigration pathway that best suits you may be challenging. The team at Active Immigration Professionals can help. Contact us today to determine which stream is best suited to your individual circumstance and take the next step in your Canadian Journey.