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Who Are We?

Active Immigration Professionals is a diverse team of proud Canadians – Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC’s) and business specialists. Our team members are all in good standing in their respective professions and able to assist clients across Canada. Experts in our office can support you through your journey of becoming a Canadian.

Our Commitment to You

We treat clients with dignity and will provide only honest assessments with respectful service. Due to our commitment to honest friendly service, we have won the Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence twice, as well as be one of the Three Best Rated immigration consulting practices for 2018 and 2019.  People place their trust in us and our expertise which fills us with pride.  Most of all, we are honored to have earned our clients positive reviews and referrals for their friends and family.

Therefore, we want to build long-lasting partnerships with you. We hope you can consider us your safe haven for all your questions and concerns throughout your Canadian experience. We offer immigration services, which enable us to assist you through your journey, from the migration process and onward as you become an established citizen facing challenges in everyday Canadian life.

Canada is a wonderful place to be…  Welcome home

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