Refugees and Asylum

Refugee and Asylum

Canada’s Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program is for people outside Canada and outside their home country who are in need of protection. 

If you are looking to resettle from outside of Canada, there are two classes that may apply to you:

Convention Refugee Abroad Class

You may be accepted into this class if you cannot return to your home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on race, religion, political opinion, nationality, or membership in a particular social group.

Country of Asylum Class

If you are outside your home country and continue to be seriously and personally affected by civil war or armed conflict, or have suffered massive violations of human rights, then this class may apply to you. 

For both of these classes, you must be referred by a referral organization, or be sponsored by a private sponsorship group, as well as have the funds needed to support yourself and any dependents after you arrive in Canada or be privately sponsored.

Both of these classes fall into three resettlement programs in Canada:

  1. Government-Assisted Refugees (GARs)
  2. Privately sponsored refugees (PSRs)
  3. Blended Visa Office-Referred refugees (BVORs)

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