Tom Guildford

A superstar Business consultant with years of experience to draw from.

Business Consultant


  • MBA, Financing & Accounting
  • BSc, Biology, Honour in Biology and Phsyiology


Tom Guildford is the Business Consultant for Active Professionals and brings a background of finance, consulting, banking and business management to the team.  Tom has worked with 100’s of companies in diversified industries offering knowledge and expertise in bank financing, capital structuring and operations through his roles as a consultant and commercial banker. Currently Tom is actively involved with multiple clients in projects as a financial and managerial partner. 

As a consultant, Tom has worked with a multitude of clients in financial structuring, bank financing, management consulting, and business strategy. Utilizing his experience as a consultant and commercial banker, he specializes in providing financial guidance in regards to obtaining financing, financial management and corporate consultancy. The majority of his clients have been start-up SME and mid-corporate in size.

Tom’s most recent projects include: a multi-dimensional condominium/hotel/commercial development in Toronto and Vancouver, an oil-refinery servicing company seeking expansion, a virtual reality start-up seeking growth and a beverage distribution business and a local manufacturing company requiring a business plan.

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