If you’re in a family-related dispute, meeting with a mediator may help you to resolve your issues, reach an agreement that focuses on your child and avoid going to court.

Our family mediators can discuss options and services available to you and your children. They can also assist you in reaching an agreement about how decisions are to be made about the children, parenting time, contact and visitation rights, communication and resolving issues in the future,child support, spousal support and minor issues related to the division of property.


Benefits of Mediation:

Save time and money:  parties share the cost of one mediator, instead of each paying a lawyer

Control the process: parties determine when meetings take place and the pace of the process

Reduce stress: mediation focuses on finding acceptable solutions, rather than focusing on blame, anger, accusations, fear and guilt

Leave satisfied: studies comparing family mediation to adversarial lawyer-negotiations and litigation show that people who choose to use a mediator are more satisfied with the process and the result

Quicker results: mediators can help get a productive dialogue going, which can lead to a much earlier settlement

Better for your kids:  research has shown that high conflict between separating parents hurts many children more than the separation itself. By choosing mediation you are taking a step to reduce conflict and are able to focus on the needs of your children.

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