Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

power of attorney

An enduring power of attorney is a legal document that lets you choose someone you trust to make financial decisions for you. You write an enduring power of attorney at a time when you are capable of making your own decisions. 

Your enduring power of attorney can be written two ways:

  1. Your attorney starts making decisions immediately. This means you and your attorney have control over the money. If, in the future, you can’t make decisions because you are ill or injured, your attorney takes over and they make the decisions on your behalf.
  2. Your attorney doesn’t make financial decisions for you until you can’t make decisions because you are ill or injured. If you get better, you can take back the power to make your own decisions.

In either case, the money being managed is still yours and your attorney has to keep clear records of financial transactions.

Our team of paralegal experts are here to help you draw up your power of attorney, and ensure all important considerations have been taken into account. 

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